Why Magicians Should not Do Magic Methods

Should any Magician perform Magic Methods? This might appear just like a stupid question, but bare beside me. This can be a question of perceived value. If you’re, or consider you to ultimately be, a Magician, are you currently a novice, professional or semi-professional? Call yourself a novice and also you risk people presuming that you’re not excellent. Call your semi-professional and individuals could assume that you’ll be cheaper to reserve than the usual ‘full’ professional. Call your professional and individuals will assume that you simply do this full-time and also have not one other supply of earnings. They’ll also assume that you’re very proficient at magic.

Similarly, should you choose ‘Magic Tricks’, the term ‘trick’ gives the look of something which anybody could do, if perhaps they understood the ‘trick’ (true, however this ignores the lengthy arduous practice that it requires to obtain the ‘trick’ right – additionally, it ignores the Performance, the entertainment value of how the ‘trick’ is defined to your audience). Now I will be the last to assert that my Magic is ‘real’ – will be able to wave a wand and things just happen since i would like them to – or I’d be turning base metals into gold, not submitting myself towards the nerve-wracking torture that’s a Kid’s Magic Show!

The thing is – yes, there’s one! – the perceived worth of a ‘trick’ is under those of an impact. A ‘Magical Effect’ sounds a lot more … magical, than the usual ‘magic trick’. A component-time Professional sounds marginally much better than a semi-professional and miles much better than a novice!

What your customer must know is you can placed on a great and entertaining performance – if you cannot, then you definitely should not be performing in public places anyway!

Should you call yourself a novice why? If you won’t want to earn money from Magic, fair enough. Should you choose, then you need to consider raising your game call your part-time professional until such time when you are all set to go full-time. Entertain instead of do magic methods. Perform Magic Effects instead of do Magic Methods. The main difference is incorporated in the performance. Allow it to be entertaining and mystifying in addition to clever, and they’ll adore you for this.

The primary distinction between a novice, semi-pro along with a professional is among confidence and marketing. If you possess the confidence that the abilities are as much as public scrutiny, then only poor marketing will stop you from being a professional. You are able to improve your marketing as well as your confidence by talking about Magical Effects instead of Magic Methods later on. That certain small change might be enough to kick your job into overdrive, and can certainly provide the having to pay public a greater opinion individuals.