Planning A Special Event In Orlando: Things To Know!

No matter whether you want to plan an anniversary dinner, or a special bachelorette party for your best friend, finding a venue in Orlando should be hard. Instead of booking an event and sorting between a bunch of vendors, you can consider nightclubs & cafés that have ready packages for special events Orlando. In this post, we are sharing a few tips for your next party or event that may come in handy.

Find the right location

For special events and parties, you need a venue that’s accessible and available. Some of the best nightclubs and bars are located close to downtown Orlando, but don’t be restrained by that. The place needs be easy to reach, because eventually you want the guests to come.

Check the packages

Depending on the guest list, you can go for ready packages that many Orlando clubs offer. You are expected to pay for each person, which will typically include a fixed dinner menu and limited drinks. Cover charges, VIP entrance and small things like personalized cake for the event are likely to be covered. What needs attention, however, is the bottle service. If the event has more guests, you can expect to get a discount on the bottle services. Check if the club offers special decorations and other choices for an added fee, and when you calculate the budget, keep at least 20% on the side because bill for the bar can exceed beyond expectations.

Don’t miss the attractions

Some of the best nightclubs in Orlando have VIP hostessing, special Vodou rooms and special shows, which are great for an adult party. Keep in mind that show tickets don’t include certain expenses and cost of bar services, so better ask before you arrive. If you have a small group of friends joining for a dinner show, it is still better to ask for table reservations in advance. Check the DJs playing at the venue, and some places even have special shows featuring Brazilian Samba and Cuban Conga.

Plan early

Finally, do start a bit early for your special event, especially if you want to host it around the weekend. Orlando is famed for its nightlife, and many popular places are booked entirely for certain days and weekends. Check all costs in advance, and do enquire about services that can be added to a package or deal finalized with the club.

Start scouting for clubs and cafés now!